Register for the course: 002 - KPA Full Induction v3 2019
This course is the Port Induction Card course
Updated 16 December 2019
Firstname:First name
Middle name#1:Middle Name 1
Middle name#2:Middle Name 2
Date of Birth:Date of Birth
Home Phone:Home Phone Number
Address:Applicant Address
Mobile:Mobile phone Number
Email:Email Address
Drivers Licence:Drivers License
Company:Company Name
Company Phone:Company Phone number
MSIC Number:MSIC Number
MSIC expiry date:MSIC Expiry Date
Payment:Enter receipt number.
Agreement:Agreement to be bound by Port Standards and Procedures
By completing this induction:
* I agree to carry and display valid Access/Induction Cards and display them at all times while I am in the Port of Broome including any land or infrastructure that is owned, occupied or controlled by the KPA. For Access Cards, I agree to display my valid Maritime Security Induction Card whilst in the Maritime Security Zone at the Port of Broome
* I acknowledge that I have had the opportunity to read the Kimberley Ports Authority Port Standards and Procedures (Broome Port) (Port Standards and Procedures)
* I acknowledge that I can access and obtain a copy of the Port Standards and Procedures from the KPA website or by requesting a copy from the KPA
* I agree that the KPA may amend the Port Standards and Procedures from time to time and I am responsible for checking on and informing myself about any amendments; and
* I agree that I am irrevocably bound by the Port Stands and Procedures (as amended from time to time).
Acceptance Required: